CrusT Performance Materials

After almost 25 years, I am still performing (and revising!) this work.

There are 2 versions of the piece:

+ The revised version, with a loud tape beginning and no coda. (i always perform this version)
CLICK HERE for score and performance materials (loud start and no coda)

+ The original version, which features a softer, subtle beginning and a melodic coda. (as recorded on the SEAMUS CD)
CLICK HERE for score and performance materials (original)

Either version may be performed (or with 1st half of one and 2nd of the other).
Both scores have been updated with tape timings and comments that will hopefully make it easier for others to perform.

In both versions, there are 2 tape cues. Traditionally, another person will be at the mixing board playing the tape (ideally with stereo diffusion). But it is also possible to use software (DAW, Max, etc) with a foot pedal to manually cue the tape (unfortunately you can't use your hands as you will be playing a low E during the second cue). Alternatively, you could just create a single file mixing in a pre-determined amount of silence at the beginning and between the two cues. i've had successful performances of the piece using all of these approaches. At one time i even wrote a custom app with pitch detection to automatically trigger the tape. If you are in a bind, i may be able to code something up for you -- let me know!

The tape part in the beginning should be equal in volume to the clarinet, so that both blend into one another.
The beginning of the second tape cue should cross-fade with the clarinet seamlessly, so that the audience can't tell the clarinet has faded out.
In the second half of the piece, the tape is the "solo!" and if anything, it should be more in the foreground than the clarinet.
The coda (if performed) should use the equal-blending levels as in the beginning of the piece.
You may want the clarinet to be amplified, depending on the venue.

I reallly need to make a new one ;) but these might be a useful example for how to improvised passages,
but please add your own ideas and techniques to the performance!

Live performance (Loud Start mixed in. No coda. Note: initial clarinet gesture is slightly different timing than in current score)

Original version, as appears on Music From SEAMUS, Volume 6 CD.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and/or are thinking about performing this piece!


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