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   tests, etudes, juvenilia, and other miscellany

Algorithmic Music [1988-91] :: MS BASIC code (1988-91)
Variants of Microsoft BASIC code i wrote on a Macintosh 128k. Inspired by something presented in my college intro to electronic music class, it uses Markov Chains, although i don't think i knew that's what they were called at the time. It uses the MacOS's wavetable synth (accessible through BASIC calls).

The computer and program still run (!) and in 2009 i re-recorded the various programs (along with a bonus track) and released on cassette. Cover image to the left. You can listen to individual tracks below:

1 voice





Oct Etude :: eight-channel tape (1993)

Granular-ish gestures derived from percussion samples created with a C program to generate Csound scores. Never finished.

My Name Is... :: stereo tape (1992)

Samples of my own voice manipulated with C-generated Csound scores.

Dead of Winter :: electronc tape for dance (1993)
Analog tape manipulation.
Coreography/Dance: Rashana Perks. Poem/Voice: Alana Cash.

Trek :: stereo tape (1992)
Analog tape and MIDI sequencer project created in the UT Austin Electronic Music Studios.

bHold :: software pitch detection and sustain (1998)

VIC :: interactive computer music (1996)

LAB Experiment lt#3 :: clarinet and electronics (1996)